• Patrice

You Are A Story by Patrice

You are a story! Your life’s a book written on the pages of your heart. People are looking to connect with your story. Especially during this new age. We’ve entered a time where we’ve become obsessed with social media. And a diet of social media only can leave us feeling disconnected and lonely.

We were built for connection. We need each other. We learn from sharing our experiences with each other in community.

We tend to gravitate toward other people’s vulnerabilities. Towards their imperfections and humanity. There are so many parables we can learn from even the smallest detail of your journey, be it positive or trial.

Our lives reach far beyond us. Our responsibility is much bigger than ourselves alone. We are responsible for stewarding our own actions and serving others at the goodwill and pleasure of God.

Step into your narrative. Live in the present moment. Embrace your unique story. We’re all waiting to learn from YOU! PATRICE

Patrice’s hit single, “You Are A Story”

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