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Updated: Jul 11

One of my friends sent me a book entitled Overcomer written by Dr. David Jeremiah. When I received it, the holidays were upon me. Family was arriving any minute to stay for a week. And yet the moment I received her gift, my curiosity won. I took a few minutes to begin reading. It was hard to put the book down!

The doorbell rang. Hurriedly, I used the jacket cover to mark my page. Wanting to be sure I did not lose track of the book, I carefully placed it on top of a tall bookcase in the study, between a handful of my other favorite books. I knew it would be safe there. More importantly, I would remember exactly where it was at my next opportunity to continue reading.

A couple of weeks later, my house guests departed. In that moment I was looking forward to picking up Overcomer; continuing to read where I had left off. Only one thing missing. I couldn’t remember where I put the book for safekeeping! I began by looking downward, around my desk. Next I continued looking at what surrounded me.

Before I knew it, my reading time had slipped away. For the next couple of months, I repeated the same weekly search. . . looking downward and at what surrounded me. For the life of me, I could not find the book!

Two months later, when I finally redirected my focus from downward and what surrounded me to upward. . .Voíla! Overcomer came clearly into my vision.

In that moment, it struck me. When I repeatedly choose to direct my focus downward and on the circumstances that surround me, I keep on getting the same results. Nothing changes. When I choose to change my thoughts. . .when I choose to redirect the zoom lens of my focus. . . Upward. . . I begin to receive ordinary miracles every day. I become an overcomer!

“Change your thoughts. Change your world. Become who you’re meant to be!” -- Patrice

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