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Updated: Jul 11

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about overcoming. Many things go into becoming an overcomer.  One is changing your focus from downward and what surrounds you, to Upward. I believe there are two more first ingredients necessary for overcoming.  Forgiveness + Forgetfulness = Priceless.  Period.  Full stop.  After you forgive and forget, you are free to love yourself, and others.  Let’s pray to become a community of people who practice forgiveness hand-in-hand with forgetfulness.

In the Bible, God talks about how when we ask Him, not only does He forgive our sins but He also buries them in the deepest sea.  From my reading, I understand that the earth’s largest body of water, the Pacific Ocean, 64 square miles, contains the earth’s deepest waters called Challenger Deep.  They are 36,200 feet deep.  That’s a lot of forgiveness and forgetfulness!

When we ask Him, God says He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west. He remembers them no more. And what’s the distance from India, to the United States?  Again from my reading, I understand the distance from east to west by road would be 8,923.5 miles or 14,360 km.  Yes indeed, that’s a lot of forgiveness and forgetfulness.  Over-the-top-generous Grace!  And it’s astonishing to me to ponder the fact that God no longer holds our sins against us. 

WOW!  That’s a WHOLE LOT of forgiveness and forgetfulness!  That’s Priceless!  That’s the kind of forgiving and forgetting I pray God will channel through me every day. It does take meditation and prayer time on my part to get me out of the way so I can lead like He does!  Time well-invested though.

Another visual that has helped me tremendously in forgiving and forgetting is to think of cutting the kite line on a windy day.  Actually, it releases me from the weightiness of keeping score and holding onto the heavy stuff.  I’ve found forgiveness and forgetfulness necessary for decompressing and staying healthy. . . What’s one of the great benefits of cutting the kite from the line?  It releases me to love.  And I can tell when I’ve forgiven and forgotten like God does, because the thought that was bothering me is no longer part of my emotionally-charged thoughts.  I no longer have any need to rehearse it to myself, nor to the person, nor to God.

It feels fantastic to be emotionally free in 2020!  Dancing with life!  Free to listen to the hearts of others.  Free to give back.  Free to help others like never before!  

Forgiveness.  Forgetfulness.  Priceless!

“Change your thoughts.  Change your world.  Become who you’re meant to be!”  PATRICE

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