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PEACE by Patrice

My dad had a collection of brass objects displayed in our home. One of them was a replica of the Breton Fisherman’s Prayer Plaque. The prayer that was given to new submarine captains by Admiral Hyman Rickover. Growing up, I read and reread that quote. Every time I sat on the sofa in-front of the fireplace where the plaque hung on the left-side of the mantle, I pondered this truth in my heart: “Oh God thy sea is so great and my boat is so small!”

Seas and oceans make up nearly 71% of the earth!

I would think to myself:

Of course, our rides will not always be smooth sailing.

Of course, the strong winds will blow and rock our boats.

Of course, there will be times when the fierce storms will soak us to our very core.

And yet, when we truly know. . . when we have FAITH, that God, The Creator of The Universe and Creator of our Earth, resides in our boat, His Peace in us is ACTIVATED!

Here is the full poem:

Thy sea, O God, so great,

My boat so small.

It cannot be that any happy fate

Will me befall

Save as Thy goodness opens paths for me

Through the consuming vastness of the sea.

Thy winds, O God, so strong,

So slight my sail.

How could I curb and bit them on the long

And saltry trail,

Unless Thy love were mightier than the wrath

Of all the tempests that beset my path?

Thy world, O God, so fierce,

And I so frail.

Yet, though its arrows threaten oft to pierce

My fragile mail,

Cities of refuge rise where dangers cease,

Sweet silences abound, and all is peace.

- Winfred Ernest Garrison

Dear Gracious God,

We thank You in advance for LEADING our boats safely through life’s storms.

We thank You for giving us INCREASED FAITH!!

The Faith that ACTIVATES The Gift of YOUR PEACE in our hearts and minds.

AMEN! So Be It!

Please share what helps you during life’s storms?

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