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Answers in the Wind by Patrice

Updated: Jul 11

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Buddha Beach in Sedona, AZ. A deep sense of hope enveloped my spirit as I ventured into the woods to meditate and hike in a new location.

Ironically, Max’s middle name is Buddha, and I was reminded of him in the nature surrounding me. It was an inspiring hike, offering me a growing sense of peace that has helped me begin to look forward to this new chapter. I am grateful for the moments, the glimpses beyond clouds, that bring a smile to my face as if he’s smiling down on me.

As I continued walking further into the woods, my heart was touched by what was in front of me. When I reached the shore, I saw many individual stacks of stones standing firm and tall like prayer warriors. I asked one of the locals what these stone sculptures mean? He said each of these thoughtfully created sculptures represent the hopes and prayers of the individuals who’ve journeyed to Buddha Beach on behalf of themselves and their loved ones. After creating them, the people wait patiently until a spiritual wind comes and blows the stone statues over, believing their prayers will be answered. Oh the power of prayer to reignite our faith!

Have you ever had unanswered prayers? Then out of the blue, like a change in the direction of the wind, the answer becomes crystal clear? Thank you, Lord, for delayed gratification! Your timing is always better!

And how many times have we been grateful for unanswered prayers? It is truly amazing what we are spared by our God who cares! With all that’s happening in our world today, having the faith of a mustard seed combined with a lot of prayer gives us the power to remove not only the stone statues in our lives, but the mountains!

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