• Patrice

One Short Distance by Patrice

Updated: Jul 11

Have you ever measured how many inches your hand-span is? One day I was encouraged by an international architect to measure my hand-span, the length of my fingers, my forearm, my feet, etc., . . . He said it would come in handy when I needed dimensions and didn't have a measuring tape with me.

Thinking to myself, "what sensible advice," I began by measuring my hand-span, my feet, my right forearm - elbow to longest fingertip, and lastly my fingers. Then I decided to try using my hands to measure objects, checking my work with a measuring tape. Sure enough, I was coming up with approximately the same measurements using both!

With my hand-span measuring 9 inches, next, I decided to measure the distance from my head to my heart. It measured 18 inches or 2 of my hand-spans. I paused my measuring for a moment to think about what a short distance it is to travel 2 hand-spans from one's head to one's heart, and yet that's one of the shortest distances that many of us rarely travel in a lifetime.

From that day forward, I desire to get out of my analytical head, and take the opportunity to daily travel that transformational, 18-inch distance. I desire to listen in love from my image-making heart even more than ever before! One short distance...only 2 hand-spans, and yet what a life-giving difference those 18 inches make!

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